Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Acquired
Shin Nippon Tokki Co., Ltd., since its foundation, consistently sets its goal to design and manufacture test equipment for parts and completed vehicles of all types, including automobiles, motorcycles, and special-purpose vehicles, thereby contributing to improvement in functions, performance, quality, and safety.
  • We will clearly identify the impacts that our test equipment and production activities have on the environment and build and maintain an environmental management system that is adequate for its size.
  • We will continually improve the environmental management system and work on prevention of environmental contamination, energy saving and resource saving.
  • We will observe all applicable laws and regulations related to the environment as well as other requirements to which we consent.
  • We will focus on the following items, establish environmental objectives and goals from among those, formulate and execute specific action plans, evaluate the results, and review the plans on a regular basis.
    • Reduction in use of paper
    • Reduction in electric power used
    • Decrease in quantity of waste materials and recycling
    • Development of energy-saving and resource-saving type of products
    • Streamlining of business operations
  • We will disseminate an environmental policy among all employees and members and execute educational activities for the purpose of enhancing environmental awareness and the implementation of the policy.
  • We will disclose the environmental policy, ask the persons concerned to render understanding and cooperation, and strive to provide adequate information.
Shin Nippon Tokki Co., Ltd. President Muneo Yamauchi