President’s Message Based on the Company Credo of “Better tester to more and more manufacturers“, we have placed first priority to offer ‘better testers’ to customers and manufactured every testing machine carefully.
We think having enough discussion with the customers, perceiving and finding out the things behind the words properly, and understanding the needs of the customers thoroughly lead to producing a ‘better tester’. And all our products come along in this procedure.
In recent years, because many people are busy, you haven’t taken enough time for discussion in many situations. However, the automobile industry is now in the middle of a technological innovation. In this situation, we believe it is important to have close communication with the customers to develop a ‘better tester’ suiting a new standard. And doing this, we aim to contribute to safe and comfortable car life through our testing machines.

President Muneo Yamauchi
[Company Credo]
Better tester to more and more manufacturers
[Company Mission]
Our company aims to contribute to safe and comfortable car life by supplying better performance testing machines to manufacturers of automobiles and these components.

Our company was founded in 1970 and has been consistently manufacturing testing machines for automobiles and motorcycles. We have been always considering the work field with customers, finding any inconvenience or difficulties and satisfying the demands through the testers. As a result of that, we had installed automatic control and temperature-controlled room to the machines early on in the industry.
In order to suit the diversified and sophisticated car business due to environmental changes, our company aims to contribute to safe and comfortable car life and producing world-class vehicles in the measuring and control field.