High accuracy simulation system enabling high speed sampling and high speed control running at the same time

Overview (Product Features)

PMOC-100 is a custom simulation system which has achieved high speed and high accuracy simulation which old measurement control system couldn’t perform.
The SoC chip (Zynq of Xilinx) with high speed, high flexibility and efficiency has enabled high speed processing with FPGA, execution of MATLAB/Similink at real-time OS and other high speed control loops. It has also made 20μsec sampling and 20μsec control possible.
PMOC-100 can be customized to the needs as your own system so that it can be installed in your in-use control software. An expansion board is available depending on the usage.
PMOC-100, which was concentrated our know-how as a company producing testers for automobiles, is the system solution we recommend with confidence for various measuring situations like automobile or robot industry.

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